Tuesday, December 11, 2012

1106.2809 (Andreas Stergiou)

The chet package    [PDF]

Andreas Stergiou

1201.5708 (Alexander Selem)

Anomalous Currents on Closed Surfaces: Extended Proximity, Partial
Quantization, and Qubits

Alexander Selem

1207.0429 (Huan Dong et al.)

Half-Skyrmions and the Equation of State for Compact-Star Matter    [PDF]

Huan Dong, T. T. S. Kuo, Hyun Kyu Lee, R. Machleidt, Mannque Rho

1212.1718 (Moira Gresham et al.)

Open windows for a light axigluon explanation of the top
forward-backward asymmetry

Moira Gresham, Jessie Shelton, Kathryn M. Zurek

1212.1720 (Rakhi Mahbubani et al.)

Re-interpreting the Oxbridge stransverse mass variable MT2 in general

Rakhi Mahbubani, Konstantin T. Matchev, Myeonghun Park

1212.1723 (Johanna Karouby)

Instanton in a thermal bath and melting of a pion string    [PDF]

Johanna Karouby

1212.1737 (M. N. Sergeenko)

Complex masses of resonances and the Cornell potential    [PDF]

M. N. Sergeenko

1212.1749 (Yan Yan et al.)

Connecting neutron star observations to the high density equation of
state of quasi-particle model

Yan Yan, Jing Cao, Xin-Lian Luo, Wei-Min Sun, Hongshi Zong

1212.1761 (Gernot Eichmann et al.)

Nucleon Compton scattering in the Dyson-Schwinger approach    [PDF]

Gernot Eichmann, Christian S. Fischer

1212.1786 (Tetsuo Hyodo)

Recent developments in antikaon-nucleon dynamics    [PDF]

Tetsuo Hyodo

1212.1797 (Najmul Haque et al.)

Two-loop HTL pressure at finite temperature and chemical potential    [PDF]

Najmul Haque, Munshi G. Mustafa, Michael Strickland

1212.1855 (X. -L. Ren et al.)

Quark mass dependence of the ground-state octet baryons in
next-to-next-to-next-to-leading order covariant baryon chiral perturbation

X. -L. Ren, L. S. Geng, J. Martin Camalich, J. Meng, H. Toki

1212.1866 (Nobuchika Okada et al.)

Positively deflected anomaly mediation in the light of the Higgs boson

Nobuchika Okada, Hieu Minh Tran

1212.1878 (Minoru Tanaka et al.)

New physics in the weak interaction of $\bar B\to D^{(*)}τ\barν$    [PDF]

Minoru Tanaka, Ryoutaro Watanabe

1212.1893 (Yun-Hua Chen et al.)

Analyses of pion-nucleon elastic scattering amplitudes up to $O(p^4)$ in
extended-on-mass-shell subtraction scheme

Yun-Hua Chen, De-Liang Yao, H. Q. Zheng

1212.1897 (Koichi Hattori et al.)

Vacuum birefringence in strong magnetic fields: (II) Complex refractive
index from the lowest Landau level

Koichi Hattori, Kazunori Itakura

1212.1921 (Aoife Bharucha)

Determining MSSM parameters via chargino production at the LC: a
one-loop analysis

Aoife Bharucha

1212.1924 (V. A. Petrov et al.)

Three Pomerons vs DO and TOTEM Data    [PDF]

V. A. Petrov, A. Prokudin

1212.2004 (Yu. S. Kalashnikova et al.)

One-pion exchange in the X(3872) revisited    [PDF]

Yu. S. Kalashnikova, A. V. Nefediev

1212.2032 (Georg P. Engel et al.)

Low-lying Lambda Baryons from the Lattice    [PDF]

Georg P. Engel, C. B. Lang, Andreas Schäfer

1212.2037 (Mathias Butenschoen et al.)

Next-to-leading-order tests of NRQCD factorization with $J/ψ$ yield
and polarization

Mathias Butenschoen, Bernd A. Kniehl

1212.2039 (Andre Sternbeck et al.)

Determination of LambdaMS from the gluon and ghost propagators in Landau

Andre Sternbeck, Kim Maltman, Michael Müller-Preussker, Lorenz von Smekal

1212.2043 (Yu-Feng Zhou)

Direct and indirect constraints on isospin-violating dark matter    [PDF]

Yu-Feng Zhou

1212.2059 (C. Marquet et al.)

Gaps between jets in double-Pomeron-exchange processes at the LHC    [PDF]

C. Marquet, C. Royon, M. Trzebinski, R. Zlebcik

1212.2099 (Daniele P. Anderle et al.)

QCD resummation for semi-inclusive hadron production processes    [PDF]

Daniele P. Anderle, Felix Ringer, Werner Vogelsang

1212.2106 (Matan Field et al.)

Three-Prong Distribution of Massive Narrow QCD Jets    [PDF]

Matan Field, Guy Gur-Ari, David A. Kosower, Lorenzo Mannelli, Gilad Perez

1212.2111 (V. M. Grichine et al.)

Quark-diquark model for p(\bar p)-p elastic scattering at high energies    [PDF]

V. M. Grichine, N. I. Starkov, N. P. Zotov

1212.2113 (Yuri V. Kovchegov)

Running Coupling Evolution for Diffractive Dissociation and the NLO
Odderon Intercept

Yuri V. Kovchegov

1212.2131 (Seungwon Baek et al.)

Higgs Portal Vector Dark Matter : Revisited    [PDF]

Seungwon Baek, P. Ko, Wan-Il Park, Eibun Senaha

1212.2138 (Takuya Morozumi et al.)

The pair production of Charged and Neutral Higgs bosons in W and Z gauge
boson fusion process

Takuya Morozumi, Kotaro Tamai

1212.2149 (D. Hernandez et al.)

Discrete symmetries and model-independent patterns of lepton mixing    [PDF]

D. Hernandez, A. Yu. Smirnov

1212.2167 (Prabal Adhikari et al.)

Baryons and Low-Density Baryonic Matter in 1+1 Dimensional Large N_c QCD
with Heavy Quarks

Prabal Adhikari, Thomas D. Cohen, Arec Jamgochian, Nilay Kumar

1212.2168 (C. D. Froggatt et al.)

New indications of the existence of the 6 top-anti-top quark bound
states in LHC experiments

C. D. Froggatt, C. R. Das, L. V. Laperashvili, H. B. Nielsen

1212.2175 (Andreas Windisch et al.)

On the analytic structure of scalar glueball operators at Born level    [PDF]

Andreas Windisch, Markus Q. Huber, Reinhard Alkofer

1212.2184 (Kouji Kashiwa et al.)

Quark back reaction to deconfinement transition via gluon propagators    [PDF]

Kouji Kashiwa, Yu Maezawa

1212.2197 (Mengjie Wang et al.)

Hawking radiation for a Proca field in D dimensions II: charged field in
a brane charged black hole

Mengjie Wang, Marco O. P. Sampaio, Carlos Herdeiro

1212.2202 (Jean-François Fortin et al.)

Field-theoretic Methods in Strongly-Coupled Models of General Gauge

Jean-François Fortin, Andreas Stergiou