Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1007.2304 (Giuseppe Colucci et al.)

R-mode oscillations and rocket effect in rotating superfluid neutron
stars. I. Formalism

Giuseppe Colucci, Massimo Mannarelli, Cristina Manuel

1304.8107 (S. A. Larin)

Quantum Chromodynamics with massive gluons    [PDF]

S. A. Larin

1304.7775 (Nikolaos Kidonakis)

Theoretical results for top quark production    [PDF]

Nikolaos Kidonakis

1304.7779 (Andres G. Delannoy et al.)

Probing Dark Matter at the LHC using Vector Boson Fusion Processes    [PDF]

Andres G. Delannoy, Bhaskar Dutta, Alfredo Gurrola, Will Johns, Teruki Kamon, Eduardo Luiggi, Andrew Melo, Paul Sheldon, Kuver Sinha, Kechen Wang, Sean Wu

1304.7785 (M. Biagetti et al.)

Symmetries of Vector Perturbations during the de Sitter Epoch    [PDF]

M. Biagetti, A. Kehagias, E. Morgante, H. Perrier, A. Riotto

1304.7809 (Tom Melia)

Dyck Words and Multi-Quark Primitive Amplitudes    [PDF]

Tom Melia

1304.7812 (Peng Guo)

Coupled-channel scattering in 1+1 dimensional lattice model    [PDF]

Peng Guo

1304.7813 (Fred Jegerlehner)

The Standard model as a low-energy effective theory: what is triggering
the Higgs mechanism?

Fred Jegerlehner

1304.7816 (R. T. Kleiv et al.)

Heavy-light diquark masses from QCD sum rules and constituent diquark
models of tetraquarks

R. T. Kleiv, T. G. Steele, Ailin Zhang, Ian Blokland

1304.7832 (Deog Ki Hong)

Composite Higgs and Techni-Dilaton at LHC    [PDF]

Deog Ki Hong

1304.7835 (Travis A. W. Martin et al.)

Introducing Dark Matter to Little Higgs Models without T-Parity    [PDF]

Travis A. W. Martin, Alejandro de la Puente

1304.7866 (Bing-Ran He et al.)

Parity doubling structure of nucleon at non-zero density in the
holographic mean field theory

Bing-Ran He, Masayasu Harada

1304.7877 (N. L. Hall et al.)

Constrained gamma-Z interference corrections to parity-violating
electron scattering

N. L. Hall, P. G. Blunden, W. Melnitchouk, A. W. Thomas, R. D. Young

1304.7885 (Yoshiharu Kawamura)

Tera Scale Remnants of Unification and Supersymmetry at Planck Scale    [PDF]

Yoshiharu Kawamura

1304.7888 (Debtosh Chowdhury et al.)

Revisiting lepton flavor violation in supersymmetric type II seesaw    [PDF]

Debtosh Chowdhury, Ketan M. Patel

1304.7899 (Renata Jora et al.)

An analytical treatment of the neutrino masses and mixings    [PDF]

Renata Jora, Joseph Schechter, M. Naeem Shahid

1304.7907 (Y. A. Coutinho et al.)

Bounds on $Z^\prime$ from 3-3-1 model at the LHC energies    [PDF]

Y. A. Coutinho, V. Salustino Guimarães, A. A. Nepomuceno

1304.7927 (Stefano Frixione et al.)

Higgs production through vector-boson fusion at the NLO matched with
parton showers

Stefano Frixione, Paolo Torrielli, Marco Zaro

1304.7940 (S. I. Godunov et al.)

The dependence of the atomic energy levels on a superstrong magnetic
field with account of a finite nucleus radius and mass

S. I. Godunov, M. I. Vysotsky

1304.7987 (Tetsutaro Higaki et al.)

Moduli-Induced Axion Problem    [PDF]

Tetsutaro Higaki, Kazunori Nakayama, Fuminobu Takahashi

1304.8004 (Kenji Fukushima et al.)

Stabilizing Perturbative Yang-Mills Free Energy with Gribov Quantization    [PDF]

Kenji Fukushima, Nan Su

1304.8022 (Eugene Levin et al.)

BFKL Pomeron: modeling confinement    [PDF]

Eugene Levin, Sebastian Tapia

1304.8023 (Hiroshi Yokoya)

Direct Probe of Majorana and Extended Higgs Particles in Radiative
Seesaw Models at the ILC

Hiroshi Yokoya

1304.8027 (M. A. Gomez et al.)

The WIMP-induced Gamma Ray Spectrum of Active Galactic Nuclei    [PDF]

M. A. Gomez, C. B. Jackson, G. Shaughnessy

1304.8037 (Kai-Feng Chen et al.)

When the Higgs meets the Top: Search for t --> ch^0 at the LHC    [PDF]

Kai-Feng Chen, Wei-Shu Hou, Chung Kao, Masaya Kohda

1304.8050 (Ali H. Chamseddine et al.)

Beyond the Spectral Standard Model: Emergence of Pati-Salam Unification    [PDF]

Ali H. Chamseddine, Alain Connes, Walter D. van Suijlekom

1304.8065 (Enif Gutierrez et al.)

The QCD phase diagram from Schwinger-Dyson Equations    [PDF]

Enif Gutierrez, Aftab Ahmad, Alejandro Ayala, Adnan Bashir, Alfredo Raya

1304.8101 (Arman Margaryan et al.)

Using the decay ψ(4160) -> X(3872) γ to probe the molecular
content of the X(3872)

Arman Margaryan, Roxanne P Springer

1304.8112 (P. A. Sturrock et al.)

Power-Spectrum Analysis of Reconstructed DAMA Data    [PDF]

P. A. Sturrock, E. Fischbach, J. T. Gruenwal, D. Javorsek II, J. H. Jenkins, R. F. Lang, R. H. Lee, J. Nistor, J. Scargle

1304.8113 (Benjamin C. Rislow et al.)

Modification of electromagnetic structure functions for the $γ
Z$-box diagram

Benjamin C. Rislow, Carl E. Carlson

1304.8114 (Mary Alberg et al.)

Alberg and Miller Reply to arXiv:arXiv:1206.3671    [PDF]

Mary Alberg, Gerald A. Miller

1304.8131 (Kwang Sik Jeong et al.)

Suppressing Isocurvature Perturbations of QCD Axion Dark Matter    [PDF]

Kwang Sik Jeong, Fuminobu Takahashi

1304.8133 (F. Hautmann)

Soft Gluons and Jets at the LHC    [PDF]

F. Hautmann

1304.8134 (Mario Antonelli et al.)

Predicting the tau strange branching ratios and implications for V_{us}    [PDF]

Mario Antonelli, Vincenzo Cirigliano, Alberto Lusiani, Emilie Passemar