Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6058 (K. Azizi et al.)

Properties of $D_{s2}^*(2573)$ charmed-strange tensor meson    [PDF]

K. Azizi, H. Sundu, J. Y. Sungu, N. Yinelek
The mass and current coupling constant of the $D_{s2}^* (2573)$ charmed-strange meson is calculated in the framework of two-point QCD sum rule approach. Although the quantum numbers of this meson is not exactly known, its width and decay modes are consistent with $I(J^P)=0(2^+)$, which we consider to write the interpolating current used in our calculations. Replacing the light strange quark with up or down quark we also compare the results with those of $D_{2}^*$ charmed tensor meson and estimate the order of SU(3) flavor symmetry violation.
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