Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1102.1513 (A. Maleknejad et al.)

Gauge-flation: Inflation From Non-Abelian Gauge Fields    [PDF]

A. Maleknejad, M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari

1109.6631 (Marco Matone)

Superluminality and a Curious Phenomenon in the Relativistic Quantum
Hamilton-Jacobi Equation

Marco Matone

1111.0270 (Marco Matone)

"Thermodynamique cachée des particules" and the quantum potential    [PDF]

Marco Matone

1201.4006 (Massimo Mannarelli et al.)

Shear viscosity in a superfluid cold Fermi gas at unitarity    [PDF]

Massimo Mannarelli, Cristina Manuel, Laura Tolos

1212.3620 (Joerg Jaeckel et al.)

LHC probes the hidden sector    [PDF]

Joerg Jaeckel, Martin Jankowiak, Michael Spannowsky

1212.3622 (Roberto Franceschini et al.)

RPV stops bump off the background    [PDF]

Roberto Franceschini, Riccardo Torre

1212.3652 (E. Ferreira et al.)

Amplitudes and Observables in pp Elastic Scattering at $\sqrt{s}=7$ TeV    [PDF]

E. Ferreira, T. Kodama, A. K. Kohara

1212.3694 (Subrata Khan et al.)

Vacuum Stability constraints on the minimal singlet TeV Seesaw Model    [PDF]

Subrata Khan, Srubabati Goswami, Sourov Roy

1212.3732 (A. V. Kotikov)

The property of maximal transcendentality: calculation of master

A. V. Kotikov

1212.3733 (A. V. Kotikov)

Small x behavior of parton distributions. Analytical and "frozen"
coupling constants. BFKL corrections

A. V. Kotikov

1212.3770 (Christof Gattringer et al.)

Spectroscopy in finite density lattice field theory: An exploratory
study in the relativistic Bose gas

Christof Gattringer, Thomas Kloiber

1212.3783 (N. Ya. Ivanov)

Perturbative stability of the QCD predictions for the ratio $R=F_L/F_T$
and azimuthal asymmetry in heavy-quark leptoproduction

N. Ya. Ivanov

1212.3784 (Gang Li et al.)

$Z_b/Z_b^\prime \to Υπ$ and $h_b π$ decays in intermediate
meson loops model

Gang Li, Feng Lan Shao, Cheng Wei Zhao, Qiang Zhao

1212.3785 (N. Ya. Ivanov)

How to measure the charm density in the proton    [PDF]

N. Ya. Ivanov

1212.3792 (M. Motta et al.)

Limits in late time conversion of cold dark matter into hot dark matter    [PDF]

M. Motta, D. Boriero, P. C. de Holanda

1212.3805 (C. Giunti et al.)

Short-Baseline Electron Neutrino Oscillation Length After Troitsk    [PDF]

C. Giunti, M. Laveder, Y. F. Li, H. W. Long

1212.3808 (P. S. Bhupal Dev et al.)

Light and Superlight Sterile Neutrinos in the Minimal Radiative Inverse
Seesaw Model

P. S. Bhupal Dev, Apostolos Pilaftsis

1212.3818 (Yan Zhu et al.)

The shear channel spectral function in hot Yang-Mills theory    [PDF]

Yan Zhu, Aleksi Vuorinen

1212.3837 (CDF Collaboration)

Search for a two-Higgs-boson doublet using a simplified model in
$p\bar{p}$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=1.96$ TeV

CDF Collaboration

1212.3860 (A. Belyaev et al.)

Multi Higgs and Vector boson production beyond the Standard Model    [PDF]

A. Belyaev, A. C. A. Oliveira, R. Rosenfeld, M. C. Thomas

1212.3885 (Y. M. Cho et al.)

Mass of the Electroweak Monopole    [PDF]

Y. M. Cho, Kyungtae Kimm, J. H. Yoon

1212.3894 (Umut Gursoy et al.)

The Chern-Simons Diffusion Rate in Improved Holographic QCD    [PDF]

Umut Gursoy, Ioannis Iatrakis, Elias Kiritsis, Francesco Nitti, Andy O'Bannon

1212.3935 (Motoi Endo et al.)

Gauge Mediation Models with Vectorlike Matters at the LHC    [PDF]

Motoi Endo, Koichi Hamaguchi, Kazuya Ishikawa, Sho Iwamoto, Norimi Yokozaki

1212.3943 (Olena Romanets et al.)

Heavy-quark spin symmetry for charmed and strange baryon resonances    [PDF]

Olena Romanets, Laura Tolos, Carmen Garcia-Recio, Juan Nieves, Lorenzo Luis Salcedo, Rob Timmermans

1212.3951 (Narendra Sahu)

Unifying Asymmetric Inert Fermion Doublet Dark Matter and Leptogenesis
with Neutrino Mass

Narendra Sahu

1212.3960 (B. I. Ermolaev et al.)

Origin of the Q^2-dependence of the DIS structure functions    [PDF]

B. I. Ermolaev, B. I. Ermolaev, M. Greco, S. I. Troyan

1212.3977 (Gösta Gustafson)

Small x, Saturation, and Diffraction in Collisions with electrons,
protons, and nuclei

Gösta Gustafson

1212.3990 (Yue-Lin Sming Tsai et al.)

A generic method to constrain the dark matter model parameters from
Fermi observations of dwarf spheroids

Yue-Lin Sming Tsai, Qiang Yuan, Xiaoyuan Huang

1212.4003 (Adam Falkowski et al.)

Data driving the top quark forward--backward asymmetry with a
lepton-based handle

Adam Falkowski, Michelangelo L. Mangano, Adam Martin, Gilad Perez, Jan Winter

1212.4005 (D. Carcamo et al.)

Particle-antiparticle asymmetry from magnetogenesis through the Landau

D. Carcamo, Ashok Das, J. Gamboa, M. Loewe

1212.4017 (Thomas Hell et al.)

Impact of vector-current interactions on the QCD phase diagram    [PDF]

Thomas Hell, Kouji Kashiwa, Wolfram Weise

1212.4031 (P. Schweitzer et al.)

Intrinsic transverse momentum and parton correlations from
nonperturbative short-range interactions

P. Schweitzer, M. Strikman, C. Weiss

1212.4033 (Stefan Groot Nibbelink et al.)

Schoen manifold with line bundles as resolved magnetized orbifolds    [PDF]

Stefan Groot Nibbelink, Patrick K. S. Vaudrevange

1212.4055 (Gregor Bregar et al.)

Masses and mixing matrices of quarks within the spin-charge-family

Gregor Bregar, Norma Susana Mankoc Borstnik

1212.4066 (Xiao-Hai Liu et al.)

Extracting $ππ$ $S$-wave scattering lengths from cusp effect in
heavy quarkonium dipion transitions

Xiao-Hai Liu, Feng-Kun Guo, Evgeny Epelbaum

1212.4074 (M. Ahmady et al.)

Predicting $B -> ργ$ and $B_s -> ργ$ using holographic
AdS/QCD Distribution Amplitudes for the $ρ$ meson

M. Ahmady, R. Sandapen

1212.4075 (Chris Kouvaris et al.)

On (Not)-Constraining Heavy Asymmetric Bosonic Dark Matter    [PDF]

Chris Kouvaris, Peter Tinyakov

1212.4079 (Bo Hu)

Neutrino Mixing: Perturbation, Parameterization and Trimaximal-Cabibbo

Bo Hu

1212.4100 (Bogumila Swiezewska et al.)

Diphoton rate in the Inert Doublet Model with a 125 GeV Higgs boson    [PDF]

Bogumila Swiezewska, Maria Krawczyk

1212.4102 (L. E. Oxman)

Confinement of quarks and valence gluons in SU(N) Yang-Mills-Higgs

L. E. Oxman

1212.4139 (Alexander Friedland et al.)

Integrating In Dark Matter Astrophysics at Direct Detection Experiments    [PDF]

Alexander Friedland, Ian M. Shoemaker