Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1109.0302 (E. Iancu et al.)

Higher-point correlations from the JIMWLK evolution    [PDF]

E. Iancu, D. N. Triantafyllopoulos

1109.2079 (Michael Dine et al.)

Studies in Small Field Inflation    [PDF]

Michael Dine, Lawrence Pack

1109.4829 (Leif Lonnblad et al.)

Matching Tree-Level Matrix Elements with Interleaved Showers    [PDF]

Leif Lonnblad, Stefan Prestel

1110.4443 (Nan Qin et al.)

Superluminal Neutrinos in the Minimal Standard Model Extension    [PDF]

Nan Qin, Bo-Qiang Ma

1110.4502 (Ben Gripaios)

Tools for extracting new physics in events with missing transverse

Ben Gripaios

1110.4989 (A. V. Luchinsky et al.)

Inclusive charmonium production at PANDA experiment    [PDF]

A. V. Luchinsky, S. V. Poslavsky

1111.0883 (Hao Zheng et al.)

Effects of the U-boson on the inner edge of neutron star crusts    [PDF]

Hao Zheng, Lie-Wen Chen

1111.2836 (Javier Fidalgo et al.)

The $μν$SSM with an extra U(1)    [PDF]

Javier Fidalgo, Carlos Munoz

1112.0507 (Ece Aşılar et al.)

Oblique Parameters and Extra Generations via OPUCEM    [PDF]

Ece Aşılar, Esin Çavlan, Oktay Doğangün, Sinan Kefeli, Erkcan Özcan, Mehmet Şahin, Gökhan Ünel

1112.1104 (E. Iancu et al.)

JIMWLK evolution in the Gaussian approximation    [PDF]

E. Iancu, D. N. Triantafyllopoulos

1112.2595 (V. D. Toneev et al.)

Theoretical analysis of a possible observation of the chiral magnetic
effect in Au + Au collisions within the RHIC beam energy scan program

V. D. Toneev, V. Voronyuk, E. L. Bratkovskaya, W. Cassing, V. P. Konchakovski, S. A. Voloshin

1112.3021 (Jonathan L. Feng et al.)

Focus Point Supersymmetry Redux    [PDF]

Jonathan L. Feng, Konstantin T. Matchev, David Sanford

1112.3633 (E. A. Garces et al.)

Low-energy neutrino-electron scattering as a Standard Model probe: the
potential of LENA as case study

E. A. Garces, O. G. Miranda, M. A. Tortola, J. W. F. Valle

1201.2979 (Michael I. Eides)

Weak Interaction Contributions in Light Muonic Atoms    [PDF]

Michael I. Eides

1201.3208 (L. Bellagamba et al.)

Black Hole Remnants at the LHC    [PDF]

L. Bellagamba, R. Casadio, R. Di Sipio, V. Viventi

1201.4130 (Debajyoti Choudhury et al.)

Higgs production as a probe of anomalous top couplings    [PDF]

Debajyoti Choudhury, Pratishruti Saha

1201.4312 (David H. Lyth)

The hybrid inflation waterfall and the primordial curvature perturbation    [PDF]

David H. Lyth

1203.5331 (Matthew Mewes)

Optical-cavity tests of higher-order Lorentz violation    [PDF]

Matthew Mewes

1203.5340 (Enrico Bertuzzo et al.)

Fitting Neutrino Physics with a U(1)_R Lepton Number    [PDF]

Enrico Bertuzzo, Claudia Frugiuele

1203.5341 (Craig D. Roberts)

Strong QCD and Dyson-Schwinger Equations    [PDF]

Craig D. Roberts

1203.5343 (Stefano Carignano et al.)

Two-dimensional chiral crystals in the NJL model    [PDF]

Stefano Carignano, Michael Buballa

1203.5355 (Flávio S. Coelho et al.)

Radiation from a D-dimensional collision of shock waves: a remarkably
simple fit formula

Flávio S. Coelho, Carlos Herdeiro, Marco O. P. Sampaio

1203.5394 (M. Yoshimura et al.)

Dynamics of paired superradiance    [PDF]

M. Yoshimura, N. Sasao, M. Tanaka

1203.5398 (B. Ananthanarayan et al.)

Spacelike pion form factor from analytic continuation and the onset of
perturbative QCD

B. Ananthanarayan, Irinel Caprini, I. Sentitemsu Imsong

1203.5406 (Soebur Razzaque et al.)

Searches for sterile neutrinos with IceCube DeepCore    [PDF]

Soebur Razzaque, A. Yu. Smirnov

1203.5416 (Bogdan Malaescu et al.)

Evaluation of the Strong Coupling Constant alpha_s Using the ATLAS
Inclusive Jet Cross-Section Data

Bogdan Malaescu, Pavel Starovoitov

1203.5461 (L. Motyka et al.)

Evidence of strong higher twist effects in diffractive DIS at HERA at
moderate Q2

L. Motyka, M. Sadzikowski, W. Slominski

1203.5476 (Joseph P. Conlon)

Quantum Gravity Constraints on Inflation    [PDF]

Joseph P. Conlon

1203.5479 (S. Bondarenko et al.)

Inertial confinement in the model of particles interacting at high

S. Bondarenko, K. Komoshvili

1203.5525 (K. V. Stepanyantz)

Multiloop calculations in supersymmetric theories with the higher
covariant derivative regularization

K. V. Stepanyantz

1203.5539 (Howard Baer et al.)

Natural Supersymmetry: LHC, dark matter and ILC searches    [PDF]

Howard Baer, Vernon Barger, Peisi Huang, Xerxes Tata

1203.5544 (K. S. Babu et al.)

B-L Violating Nucleon Decay and GUT Scale Baryogenesis in SO(10)    [PDF]

K. S. Babu, R. N. Mohapatra

1203.5557 (John P. Ralston)

Quantum Theory without Planck's Constant    [PDF]

John P. Ralston

1203.5569 (Zhe Chang et al.)

Neutrino superluminality without Cherenkov-like processes in Finslerian
special relativity

Zhe Chang, Xin Li, Sai Wang

1203.5579 (Tianbo Liu et al.)

Azimuthal asymmetries of a fixed-target experiment using the LHC beams

Tianbo Liu, Bo-Qiang Ma

1203.5592 (J. C. Berengut et al.)

Comment on "Global Positioning System Test of the Local Position
Invariance of Planck's Constant"

J. C. Berengut, V. V. Flambaum

1203.5600 (Harald Fritzsch)

Composite Weak Bosons at the LHC    [PDF]

Harald Fritzsch

1203.5633 (Juan Rojo)

Physics potential of precision measurements of the LHC luminosity    [PDF]

Juan Rojo

1203.5634 (N. Sadooghi et al.)

Local electric current correlation function in exponentially decaying
magnetic fields

N. Sadooghi, F. Taghinavaz

1203.5636 (Qiang Yuan et al.)

Gamma-rays From Warm WIMP Dark Matter Annihilation    [PDF]

Qiang Yuan, Yixian Cao, Jie Liu, Pengfei Yin, Liang Gao, Xiao-Jun Bi, Xinmin Zhang

1203.5640 (J. Cleymans)

The Thermal Model at the Large Hadron Collider    [PDF]

J. Cleymans

1203.5651 (Pilar Coloma et al.)

Precision on leptonic mixing parameters at future neutrino oscillation

Pilar Coloma, Andrea Donini, Enrique Fernandez-Martinez, Pilar Hernandez

1203.5653 (Axel Maas et al.)

The phase diagram of a gauge theory with fermionic baryons    [PDF]

Axel Maas, Lorenz von Smekal, Björn Wellegehausen, Andreas Wipf

1203.5694 (Stephen M. Barr et al.)

Observable Proton Decay from Planck Scale Physics    [PDF]

Stephen M. Barr, Xavier Calmet

1203.5704 (K. Werner et al.)

Jets, Bulk Matter, and their Interaction in Heavy Ion Collisions at
Several TeV

K. Werner, Iu. Karpenko, M. Bleicher, T. Pierog, S. Porteboeuf-Houssais

1203.5717 (Tamal K. Mukherjee et al.)

Low-lying Scalars in an extended Linear $σ$ Model    [PDF]

Tamal K. Mukherjee, Mei Huang, Qi-Shu Yan

1203.5736 (C. H. Coimbra-Araujo et al.)

Gravity with extra dimensions and dark matter interpretation: A
straightforward approach

C. H. Coimbra-Araujo, Roldao da Rocha

1203.5766 (Matti Heikinheimo et al.)

Invisible Higgs and Dark Matter    [PDF]

Matti Heikinheimo, Kimmo Tuominen, Jussi Virkajarvi

1203.5769 (A. G. Akeroyd et al.)

Light charged Higgs bosons decaying to charm and bottom quarks in models
with two or more Higgs doublets

A. G. Akeroyd, J. Hernandez-Sanchez, S. Moretti

1203.5773 (Andrea Banfi et al.)

NLL+NNLO predictions for jet-veto efficiencies in Higgs-boson and
Drell-Yan production

Andrea Banfi, Gavin P. Salam, Giulia Zanderighi