Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1301.0258 (Hai-Jhun Wanng)

Scaling Transformation for Nonlocal Interactions    [PDF]

Hai-Jhun Wanng

1304.4526 (Junpei Harada)

Non-maximal θ_{23}, large θ_{13} and tri-bimaximal θ_{12}
via quark-lepton complementarity at next-to-leading order

Junpei Harada

1304.4128 (Peng-Fei Yin et al.)

Pulsar interpretation for the AMS-02 result    [PDF]

Peng-Fei Yin, Zhao-Huan Yu, Qiang Yuan, Xiao-Jun Bi

1304.4233 (John Kearney et al.)

Top Partner Probes of Extended Higgs Sectors    [PDF]

John Kearney, Jesse Thaler, Aaron Pierce

1304.4230 (Alon E. Faraggi et al.)

Proton Stability, Gauge Coupling Unification and a Light $Z^\prime$ in
Heterotic-string Models

Alon E. Faraggi, Viraf M. Mehta

1304.4241 (Stefano Porto et al.)

Methods for evaluating physical processes in strong external fields at
e+e- colliders: Furry picture and quasi-classical approach

Stefano Porto, Anthony Hartin, Gudrid Moortgat-Pick

1304.4251 (Ted C. Rogers)

Extra Spin Asymmetries From the Breakdown of TMD-Factorization in
Hadron-Hadron Collisions

Ted C. Rogers

1304.4262 (L. A. Harland-Lang et al.)

Probing the perturbative dynamics of exclusive meson pair production    [PDF]

L. A. Harland-Lang, V. A. Khoze, M. G. Ryskin, W. J. Stirling

1304.4276 (A. M. Bernstein)

Pions: Experimental Tests of Chiral Symmetry Breaking    [PDF]

A. M. Bernstein

1304.4308 (Leonid Frankfurt et al.)

Diffractive phenomena in high energy processes    [PDF]

Leonid Frankfurt, Mark Strikman

1304.4331 (Hiroshi Ueda et al.)

QCD phase diagram at finite baryon and isospin chemical potentials in
Polyakov loop extended quark meson model with vector interaction

Hiroshi Ueda, Takashi Z. Nakano, Akira Ohnishi, Marco Ruggieri, Kohsuke Sumiyoshi

1304.4345 (K. -I. Ishikawa et al.)

Conformal Behavior in High Temperature QCD    [PDF]

K. -I. Ishikawa, Y. Iwasaki, Yu Nakayama, T. Yoshie

1304.4347 (Richard Williams et al.)

Non-contact interactions and the hadronic light-by-light contribution to
the muon g-2

Richard Williams, Christian S. Fischer, Tobias Goecke

1304.4348 (G. G. Devidze et al.)

$t\rightarrow γ$decay in the ACD model    [PDF]

G. G. Devidze, A. G. Liparteliani

1304.4360 (Markus Hopfer et al.)

On the Landau gauge matter-gluon vertex in scalar QCD in a functional

Markus Hopfer, Reinhard Alkofer

1304.4375 (Mattia Cipriani et al.)

Vortex lattices in three-component Bose-Einstein condensates under
rotation: simulating colorful vortex lattices in a color superconductor

Mattia Cipriani, Muneto Nitta

1304.4413 (P. Ko et al.)

Top FB asymmetry vs. (semi)leptonic B decays in multi-Higgs-doublet

P. Ko, Yuji Omura, Chaehyun Yu

1304.4414 (B. Ananthanarayan et al.)

Probing the indefinite CP nature of the Higgs Boson through decay
distributions in the process $e^+e^-\to t\bar{t}Φ$

B. Ananthanarayan, Sumit K. Garg, Jayita Lahiri, P. Poulose

1304.4437 (Gunnar S. Bali et al.)

Mesons in large-N QCD    [PDF]

Gunnar S. Bali, Francis Bursa, Luca Castagnini, Sara Collins, Luigi Del Debbio, Biagio Lucini, Marco Panero

1304.4443 (M. Laine et al.)

Light-cone Wilson loop in classical lattice gauge theory    [PDF]

M. Laine, A. Rothkopf

1304.4458 (Gang Li)

Hidden charmonium decays of $Z_c$ in intermediate meson loops model    [PDF]

Gang Li

1304.4465 (Hiroyuki Ishida)

Partial Mass Degenerated Model and Spontaneous CP Violation in the
Leptonic Sector

Hiroyuki Ishida

1304.4494 (E. Accomando et al.)

Uncovering quasi-degenerate Kaluza-Klein Electro-Weak gauge bosons with
top asymmetries at the LHC

E. Accomando, K. Mimasu, S. Moretti

1304.4510 (M. G. Kozlov et al.)

Microwave and submillimeter molecular transitions and their dependence
on fundamental constants

M. G. Kozlov, S. A. Levshakov

1304.4522 (Wei Chen et al.)

Mass Spectrum of Heavy Quarkonium Hybrids    [PDF]

Wei Chen, R. T. Kleiv, T. G. Steele, B. Bulthuis, D. Harnett, J. Ho, T. Richards, Shi-Lin Zhu

1304.4560 (J. R. Morris)

Stability of a class of neutral vacuum bubbles    [PDF]

J. R. Morris

1304.4571 (Ana Julia Mizher)

Influence of quark masses on the QCD phase diagram in the presence of a
magnetic field

Ana Julia Mizher

1304.4579 (Luca Vecchi)

The Natural Composite Higgs    [PDF]

Luca Vecchi