Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0533 (Zhi-Gang Wang)

Analysis of strong decays of the charmed mesons $D_J(2580)$,
$D_J^*(2650)$, $D_J(2740)$, $D^*_J(2760)$, $D_J(3000)$, $D_J^*(3000)$

Zhi-Gang Wang
In this article, we tentatively identify the charmed mesons $D_J(2580)$, $D_J^*(2650)$, $D_J(2740)$, $D^*_J(2760)$, $D_J(3000)$, $D_J^*(3000)$ observed by the LHCb collaboration according to their spin, parity and masses, then study their strong decays to the ground state charmed mesons plus light pseudoscalar mesons with the heavy quark effective theory in the leading order approximation, and obtain explicit expressions of the decay widths. The ratios among the decay widths can be used to confirm or reject the assignments of the newly observed charmed mesons. The strong coupling constants in the decay widths can be fitted to the experimental data in the future at the LHCb, BESIII, KEK-B and $\rm{\bar{P}ANDA}$.
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