Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0459 (A. Upadhyay et al.)

Strange Mass Corrections to Hyperonic Semi-leptonic Decay in Statistical

A. Upadhyay, M. Batra
The spin distributions, weak decay matrix elements for strange baryon octets with SU(3) breaking effects is studied. We systematically apply operator formalism along with statistical method to study JP= strange baryon octets for their low energy properties. Baryon is taken as an ensemble of quark-gluon Fock states in sea with three valence quarks to have spin-1/2, color-1 and flavor-8 quantum numbers. Detailed balance principle is applied to calculate the probabilities of each Fock states, with the inclusion of mass correction of strange quark in order to check the SU(3) breaking in weak decays constants and spin distributions. A dominant contribution from the vector sea is verified as compared to scalar and tensor sea, also the symmetry breaking correction leads to the deviations in the value of axial vector matrix elements ratio from experimental values by 17%. Present framework suggests a stronger base to choose statistical model with detailed balance principle to verify the experimental and theoretical values available and hence provide a deeper understanding to the strange baryon structure. Symmetry breaking effects lead to reduction in the values of axial matrix elements. Its contribution has a significant role in determining the validity of present approach.
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