Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0332 (Herbi K. Dreiner et al.)

Froggatt-Nielsen models with a residual Z_4^R symmetry    [PDF]

Herbi K. Dreiner, Christoph Luhn, Toby Opferkuch
The Froggatt-Nielsen mechanism provides an elegant explanation for the hierarchies of fermion masses and mixings in terms of a U(1) symmetry. Promoting such a family symmetry to an R-symmetry, we explicitly construct supersymmetric Froggatt-Nielsen models which are gauged, family dependent U(1)_R completions of the Z_4^R symmetry proposed by Lee, Raby, Ratz, Ross, Schieren, Schmidt-Hoberg and Vaudrevange in 2010. Forbidden by Z_4^R, the mu-term is generated around the supersymmetry breaking scale m_3/2 from either the Kahler potential or the superpotential. Neutrinos acquire their mass via the type I seesaw mechanism with three right-handed neutrino superfields. Taking into account the Green-Schwarz anomaly cancellation conditions, we arrive at a total of 3 x 34 distinct phenomenologically viable charge assignments for the standard model fields, most of which feature highly fractional charges.
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