Monday, August 5, 2013

1308.0463 (Paul W. Angel et al.)

Testable two-loop radiative neutrino mass model based on an LLQd^cQd^c
effective operator

Paul W. Angel, Yi Cai, Nicholas L. Rodd, Michael A. Schmidt, Raymond R. Volkas
A new two-loop radiative Majorana neutrino mass model is constructed from the gauge- invariant effective operator L^i L^j Q^k d^c Q^l d^c \epsilon_{ik} \epsilon_{jl} that violates lepton number conservation by two units. The ultraviolet completion features two scalar leptoquark flavors and a color-octet Majorana fermion. We show that there exists a region of parameter space where the neutrino oscillation data can be fitted while simultaneously meeting flavor-violation and collider bounds. The model is testable through lepton flavor-violating processes such as {\mu} -> e{\gamma}, {\mu} -> eee, and {\mu}N -> eN conversion, as well as collider searches for the scalar leptoquarks and color-octet fermion. We computed and compiled a list of necessary Passarino-Veltman integrals up to boxes in the approximation of vanishing external momenta and made them available as a Mathematica package, denoted as ANT.
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