Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.7121 (Pietro Faccioli et al.)

Minimal physical constraints on the angular distributions of two-body
boson decays

Pietro Faccioli, Carlos Lourenco, Joao Seixas, Hermine Woehri
The angular distribution of the two-body decay of a boson of unknown properties is strongly constrained by angular momentum conservation and rotation invariance, as well as by the nature of the detected decay particles and of the colliding ones. Knowing the border between the "physical" and "unphysical" parameter domains defined by these "minimal constraints" (excluding specific hypotheses on what is still subject of measurement) is a useful ingredient in the experimental determinations of angular distributions and can provide model-independent criteria for spin characterizations. In particular, analysing the angular decay distribution with the general parametrization for the J = 2 case can provide a model-independent discrimination between the J = 0 and J = 2 hypotheses for a particle produced by two real gluons and decaying into two real photons.
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