Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.7100 (Jorgivan M. Dias et al.)

Predicition for the decay width of a charged state near the
$D_s\bar{D}^*/D^*_s\bar{D}$ threshold

Jorgivan M. Dias, Xiang Liu, Marina Nielsen
Very recently it was predicted the existence of a charged state near the $D_s\bar{D}^*/D^*_s\bar{D}$ threshold. This state, that we call $Z_{cs}^+$, would be the strange partner of the recently observed $Z_c^\pm(3900)$. Using standard techniques of QCD sum rules, we evaluate the three-point function for the vertices $Z_{cs}^+ \, J/\psi \, K^+$, $Z_{cs}^+ \, \eta_c \, K^{*+}$ and $Z_{cs}^+ \, D_s^+\bar{D}^{*0}$ and we make predictions for the corresponding decay widths in these channels.
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