Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6401 (Ammar Abdalgabar et al.)

Higgs quartic coupling and neutrino sector evolution in 2UED models    [PDF]

Ammar Abdalgabar, Alan S. Cornell, Aldo Deandrea, Ahmad Tarhini
Two compact universal extra dimensional models are an interesting class of models for different theoretical and phenomenological issues, such as the justification of having three standard model fermion families, suppression of proton decay rate, dark matter parity from relics of the 6-dimensional Lorentz symmetry, origin of masses and mixings in the standard model. However, these theories are merely effective ones, with typically a reduced range of validity in their energy scale. We explore two limiting cases of the three standard model generations all propagating in the bulk or all localised to a brane, from the point of view of renormalisation group equation evolutions for the Higgs sector and for the neutrino sector of these models. The recent experimental results of the Higgs boson from the LHC allow, in some scenarios, stronger constraints on the cut-off scale to be placed, from the requirement of the stability of the Higgs potential.
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