Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6339 (Dominik Smith et al.)

Effective potential for SU(2) Polyakov loops and Wilson loop eigenvalues    [PDF]

Dominik Smith, Adrian Dumitru, Robart Pisarski, Lorenz von Smekal
We simulate SU(2) gauge theory at temperatures ranging from slightly below $T_c$ to roughly $2T_c$ for two different values of the gauge coupling. Using a histogram method, we extract the effective potential for the Polyakov loop and for the phases of the eigenvalues of the thermal Wilson loop, in both the fundamental and adjoint representations. We show that the classical potential of the fundamental loop can be parametrized within a simple model which includes a Vandermonde potential and terms linear and quadratic in the Polyakov loop. We discuss how parametrizations for the other cases can be obtained from this model.
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