Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6225 (Stefan Berge et al.)

Charge Asymmetry in Top Pair plus Jet Production    [PDF]

Stefan Berge, Susanne Westhoff
We investigate the discovery potential of the top-quark charge asymmetry at the LHC in top-antitop production in association with a hard jet. In this process, the charge asymmetry can be accessed via two novel observables: the incline asymmetry, which probes the quark-antiquark channel, and the energy asymmetry, which gives access to the quark-gluon channel. At 8 TeV collision energy, the significance for both observables is statistically limited. With 14 TeV and an integrated luminosity of 50 inverse fb or more, an asymmetry of up to -12% can be observed with a statistical significance of more than 5 standard deviations. Prospects of measuring the charge asymmetry at the intended high-luminosity and high-energy LHC upgrades are discussed.
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