Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6284 (Hai-Bin Zhang et al.)

Neutrino mixing in the $μν$SSM    [PDF]

Hai-Bin Zhang, Tai-Fu Feng, Li-Na Kou, Shu-Min Zhao
Recently, several reactor oscillation experiments have successively measured a nonzero value for the neutrino mixing angle ${\theta_{13}}$, which is greater than 5 standard deviations. Within framework of the $\mu$ from $\nu$ Supersymmetric Standard Model ($\mu\nu$SSM), three tiny neutrino masses are generated at the tree level through TeV scale seesaw mechanism. In this work, we analyze the neutrino masses and mixing in the $\mu\nu$SSM with a "top down" method, assuming neutrino mass spectrum with normal ordering (NO) or inverted ordering (IO).
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