Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4681 (Anton Wiranata et al.)

Shear viscosity of hadrons with K-matrix cross sections    [PDF]

Anton Wiranata, Volker Koch, Madappa Prakash, Xin Nian Wang
Shear viscosity \eta and entropy density s of a hadronic resonance gas are calculated using the Chapman-Enskog and virial expansion methods using the K-matrix parametrization of hadronic cross sections which preserves the unitarity of the T -matrix. In the \pi-K-N-\eta- mixture considered, a total of 57 resonances up to 2 GeV were included. Comparisons are also made to results with other hadronic cross sections such as the Breit-Wigner (BW) and, where available, experimental phase shift parametrizations. Hadronic interactions forming resonances are shown to decrease the shear viscosity and increase the entropy density leading to a substantial reduction of \eta/s as the QCD phase transition temperature is approached.
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