Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4459 (Zhijie Huang et al.)

CP and CPT Violating Parameters Determined from the Joint Decays of
$C=+1$ Entangled Neutral Pseudoscalar Mesons

Zhijie Huang, Yu Shi
Entangled pseudoscalar neutral meson pairs have been used in studying CP violation and searching CPT violation. Almost all previous works concern $C=-1$ entangled state. Instead, here we consider $C=+1$ entangled state of pseudoscalar neutral mesons, which is quite different from $C=-1$ entangled state and is advantageous in some aspects. We present a general model-independent phenomenological calculation of the integrated rates of a fixed time interval, of four kinds of joint decays of semileptonic and hadronic processes. Subsequently, four asymmetries defined for these four joint rates are obtained. In turn, these four asymmetries can be used to determine the four real numbers of the two indirect symmetry violating parameter. Various conclusions regarding indirect and direct violations and the violation of $\Delta {\cal F} =\Delta Q$ rule can be made.
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