Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4613 (Alfred Svarc et al.)

Introducing Pietarinen expansion method into single-channel pole
extraction problem

Alfred Svarc, Mirza Hadzimehmedovic, Hedim Osmanovic, Jugoslav Stahov, Lothar Tiator, Ron L. Workman
We present a new approach to quantifying pole parameters of single-channel processes based on a Laurent expansion of partial-wave T-matrices in the vicinity of the real axis. Instead of using the conventional power-series description of the non-singular part of the Laurent expansion, we represent this part by a convergent series of Pietarinen functions. As the analytic structure of the non-singular part is usually very well known (physical cuts with branch points at inelastic thresholds, and unphysical cuts in the negative energy plane), we find that one Pietarinen series per cut represents the analytic structure fairly reliably. The number of terms in each Pietarinen series is determined by the quality of the fit. The method is tested in two ways: on a toy model constructed from two known poles, various background terms, and two physical cuts, and on several sets of realistic piN elastic energy-dependent partial-wave amplitudes (GWU/SAID - [1, 2], and Dubna-Mainz-Taipei - [3, 4]). We show that the method is robust and confident using up to three Pietarinen series, and is particularly convenient in fits to amplitudes, such as single-energy solutions, coming more directly from experiment; cases where the analytic structure of the regular part is apriori unknown.
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