Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.8024 (Sacha Davidson et al.)

Bose Einstein condensation of the classical axion field in cosmology?    [PDF]

Sacha Davidson, Martin Elmer
The axion is a motivated cold dark matter candidate, which it would be interesting to distinguish from weakly interacting massive particles. Sikivie has suggested that axions could behave differently during non-linear galaxy evolution, if they form a bose einstein condensate. Using classical equations of motion during linear structure formation, we explore whether "gravitational thermalisation" can drive axions to a bose einstein condensate. At linear order in G_N, we interpret that the principle activities of gravity are to expand the Universe and grow density fluctuations. From the anisotropic stress, we estimate a short dissipation scale for axions which does not confirm previous estimates of their gravitational thermalisation rate.
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