Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7908 (R. Escribano et al.)

$τ^-\to K^-η^{(\prime)}ν_τ$ decays in Chiral Perturbation
Theory with Resonances

R. Escribano, S. González-Solís, P. Roig
We have studied the $\tau^-\to K^-\eta^{(\prime)}\nu_\tau$ decays within Chiral Perturbation Theory including resonances as explicit degrees of freedom. We have considered three different form factors according to treatment of final-state interactions. In increasing degree of soundness: Breit-Wigner, exponential resummation and dispersive representation. We find that although the first one fails in accounting for the data on the $K\eta$ mode, the other two approaches provide good fits to them which are sensitive to the $K^\star(1410)$ pole parameters, that are determined to be $M_{K^{\star\prime}}\,=\,(1330^{+27}_{-41})$ MeV and $\Gamma_{K^{\star\prime}}\,=\,(217^{+68}_{-122})$ MeV. These values are competitive with the standard determination from $\tau^-\to(K\pi)^-\nu_\tau$ decays. The corresponding predictions for the $\tau^-\to K^-\eta^{\prime}\nu_\tau$ channel respect the current upper bound and hint to the discovery of this decay mode in the near future.
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