Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7823 (Eugene Levin et al.)

BFKL equation with running QCD coupling and HERA data    [PDF]

Eugene Levin, Irina Potashnikova
In this paper we developed approach based on the BFKL evolution in $\ln\Lb Q^2\Rb$. We show that the simplest diffusion approximation with running QCD coupling is able to describe the HERA experimental data on the deep inelastic structure function with good $\chi^2/d.o.f. \approx 1.3$. From our description of the experimental data we learned several lessons; (i) the non-perturbative physics at long distances started to show up at $Q^2 = 0.25\,GeV^2$; (ii) the scattering amplitude at $Q^2 = 0.25\,GeV^2$ cannot be written as sum of soft Pomeron and the secondary Reggeon but the Pomeron interactions should be taken into account; (iii) the Pomeron interactions can be reduced to the enhanced diagrams and, therefore, we do not see any needs for the shadowing corrections at HERA energies; and (iv) we demonstrated that the shadowing correction could be sizable at higher than HERA energies without any contradiction with our initial conditions.
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