Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4208 (Nodoka Yamanaka et al.)

Quark tensor charge and electric dipole moment within the
Schwinger-Dyson formalism

Nodoka Yamanaka, Takahiro M. Doi, Shotaro Imai, Hideo Suganuma
We calculate the tensor charge of the quark in the QCD-like theory in the Landau gauge using the Schwinger-Dyson formalism. It is found that the dressed tensor charge of the quark is significantly suppressed against the bare quark contribution, and the result is consistent with the analyses in the collinear factorization approach and lattice QCD. We also analyze the quark confinement effect with the phenomenological strong coupling given by Richardson, and find that this contribution is small. The renormalization of the quark tensor charge obtained in this framework shows a good stability in the change of the bare ultraviolet cutoff. We show that the suppression of the quark tensor charge is due to the superposition of the spin flip of the quark arising from the successive emission of gluons which dress the tensor vertex. We also consider the relation between the quark and the nucleon electric dipole moments by combining with the simple constituent quark model.
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