Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4194 (Gao-Liang Zhou)

A Proof of Factorization Theorem of Drell-Yan Process at Operator Level    [PDF]

Gao-Liang Zhou
An alternative proof of factorization theorem for Drell-Yan process that works at operator level is given in the article. Final state interactions for such inclusive processes are proved to be cancel out at operator level according to the unitarity of time evolution operator. After this cancellation, one can always deform the integral path so that eikonal line approximation works while calculating the time evolution of electromagnetic currants. Decoupling of soft gluons from collinear jets is realized by defining new collinear fields that decouple from soft gluons. Cancelation of soft gluons is attribute to unitarity of time evolution operator and light-like Wilson lines of soft gluons.
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