Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4098 (Magdalena Djordjevic et al.)

LHC jet suppression of light and heavy flavor observables    [PDF]

Magdalena Djordjevic, Marko Djordjevic
Jet suppression is considered to be a powerful tool to study the properties of QCD medium created in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions. We calculate the suppression patterns of light hadrons, D mesons, non-photonic single electrons and non-prompt $J/\psi$ in Pb+Pb collisions at LHC. We use a theoretical formalism that takes into account finite size {\it dynamical} QCD medium with finite magnetic mass effects and running coupling, which is integrated into a numerical procedure that uses no free parameters in model testing. We obtain a good agreement with the experimental results across different experiments/particle species. Our results show that the developed theoretical formalism can robustly explain suppression data in ultra relativistic heavy ion collisions, which strongly suggests that pQCD in Quark-Gluon Plasma is able to provide a reasonable description of the underlying jet physics at LHC.
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