Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0230 (A. G. Akeroyd et al.)

Dependence of the leptonic decays of H^- on the neutrino mixing angles
theta_{13} and theta_{23} in models with neutrinophilic charged scalars

A. G. Akeroyd, S. Moretti, Hiroaki Sugiyama
In the Higgs Triplet Model and the neutrinophilic Two-Higgs-Doublet Model the observed neutrinos obtain mass from a vacuum expectation value which is much smaller than the vacuum expectation value of the Higgs boson in the Standard Model. Both models contain a singly charged Higgs boson (H^-) whose Yukawa coupling is directly related to the neutrino mass (i.e. a "neutrinophilic charged Higgs"). The partial decay widths of H^- into a charged lepton and a neutrino (H^- to l^- nu) depend identically on the neutrino masses and mixings in the two models. We quantify the impact of the recent measurement of sin^2(2theta_{13}), which plays a crucial role in determining the magnitude of the branching ratio of H^- to e^- nu for the case of a normal neutrino mass ordering if the lightest neutrino mass m_0 < 10^{-3} eV. We also discuss the sizeable dependence of H^- to mu^- nu and H^- to tau^- nu on sin^2(theta_{23}), which would enable information to be obtained on sin^2(theta_{23}) and the sign of \Delta m^2_{31} if these decays are measured. Such information would help neutrino oscillation experiments to determine the CP-violating phase \delta.
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