Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0088 (HoSeong La)

Flavor Violating Lepton Family U(1)$_λ$    [PDF]

HoSeong La
The Standard Model is extended minimally with a new flavor-violating family symmetry ${\rm U(1)}_\lambda$, which acts only on leptons including the right-handed neutrinos. The model is anomaly free with family-dependent ${\rm U(1)}_\lambda$ charges, and consistent with the observed neutrino mixing angles. It predicts charged lepton flavor-violating processes mediated by a new gauge boson. Under certain conditions, the smallness of $\theta_{13}$ of neutrino mixing can be justified in terms of the muon-to-tau mass ratio, at the same time explaining the electron-to-tau large mass hierarchy.
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