Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6645 (Etsuko Itou)

A novel scheme for the wave function renormalization of the composite

Etsuko Itou
We propose a novel renormalization scheme for the hadronic operators. The renormalization factor of the operator in this scheme is normalized by the correlation function at tree level. If we focus on the pseudo scalar operator, then its renormalization factor is related to the mass renormalization factor of the fermion through the partially conserved axial-vector current (PCAC) relation. Using the renormalization factor for the pseudo scalar operator in our scheme, we obtain the mass anomalous dimension of the SU(3) gauge theory coupled to N_f=12 massless fundamental fermions, which has an infrared fixed point (IRFP). The mass anomalous dimension at the IRFP is estimated as gamma_m^*= 0.044_{-0.024}^{+0.025} (stat.)_{-0}^{+0.057} (syst.)_{-0.032}^{+0} (syst.).
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