Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6581 (Sebastian Arrenberg et al.)

Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter: Direct Detection vis-a-vis LHC (2013 update)    [PDF]

Sebastian Arrenberg, Laura Baudis, Kyoungchul Kong, Konstantin T. Matchev, Jonghee Yoo
We present updated results on the complementarity between high-energy colliders and dark matter direct detection experiments in the context of Universal Extra Dimensions (UED). In models with relatively small mass splittings between the dark matter candidate and the rest of the (colored) spectrum, the collider sensitivity is diminished, but direct detection rates are enhanced. UED provide a natural framework to study such mass degeneracies. We discuss the detection prospects for the KK photon $\gamma_1$ and the KK $Z$-boson $Z_1$, combining the expected LHC reach with cosmological constraints from WMAP/Planck, and the sensitivity of current or planned direct detection experiments. Allowing for general mass splittings, neither colliders, nor direct detection experiments by themselves can explore all of the relevant KK dark matter parameter space. Nevertheless, they probe different parameter space regions, and the combination of the two types of constraints can be quite powerful.
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