Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5165 (F. Allmendinger et al.)

Using a rotating magnetic guiding field for the 3He-129Xe-Comagnetometer    [PDF]

F. Allmendinger, U. Schmidt, W. Heil, S. Karpuk, A. Scharth, Y. Sobolev, K. Tullney, S. Zimmer
Our search for non-magnetic spin-dependent interactions is based on the measurement of free precession of nuclear spin polarized 3He and 129Xe atoms in a homogeneous magnetic guiding field of about 400 nT. We report on our approach to perform an adiabatic rotation of the guiding field that allows us to modulate possible non-magnetic spin-dependent interactions and to find an optimization procedure for long transverse relaxation times T2* both for Helium and Xenon.
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