Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5064 (Andy Nelson et al.)

Confronting the Fermi Line with LHC data: an Effective Theory of Dark
Matter Interaction with Photons

Andy Nelson, Linda M. Carpenter, Randel Cotta, Adam Johnstone, Daniel Whiteson
We describe an effective theory of interaction between pairs of dark matter particles and pairs of photons. Such an interaction could accomodate $\chi\bar{\chi}\rightarrow\gamma\gamma$ processes which might be the cause of the observed feature in the FermiLAT spectrum, as well as $\gamma^*/Z\rightarrow \gamma\chi\bar{\chi}$ processes, which would predict excesses at the LHC in the $\gamma+\missET$ final-state. We reinterpret an ATLAS $\gamma+\missET$ analysis and the observed Fermi feature in the parameter space of our new effective theory to assess their consistency.
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