Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4755 (Matti Antola et al.)

Ultraviolet Complete Technicolor and Higgs Physics at LHC    [PDF]

Matti Antola, Stefano Di Chiara, Kimmo Tuominen
We construct a Technicolor model which provides masses for the electroweak gauge bosons and for all the Standard Model matter fields. Starting from an ultraviolet complete supersymmetric technicolor, we propose a scenario where all elementary scalars, gauginos, and higgsinos are decoupled at an energy scale substantially higher than the electroweak scale, therefore avoiding the little hierarchy problem of the minimal supersymmetric standard model. The resulting low energy theory has an SU(3) global symmetry whose breaking to SO(3) leads to electroweak symmetry breaking. We study in detail the phenomenology of this theory and demonstrate that it reproduces the present LHC data at the same level of precision as the Standard Model itself.
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