Sunday, July 21, 2013

1307.4702 (Magdalena Djordjevic)

Heavy flavor puzzle at LHC: a serendipitous interplay of jet suppression
and fragmentation

Magdalena Djordjevic
Both charged hadrons and D mesons are considered to be excellent probes of QCD matter created in ultra relativistic heavy ion collisions. Surprisingly, recent experimental observations at LHC show the same jet suppression for these two probes, which - contrary to pQCD expectations - may suggest similar energy losses for light quarks and gluons in QCD medium. We here use our recently developed energy loss formalism in a finite size dynamical QCD medium to analyze this phenomenon that we denote as the "heavy flavor puzzle at LHC". We show that this puzzle is a consequence of an unusual combination of the suppression and fragmentation patterns, and in fact does not require invoking the same energy loss for light partons. Furthermore, we show that this combination leads to a simple relationship between the suppressions of light hadrons and D mesons and the corresponding bare quark suppressions. Consequently, a coincidental matching of jet suppression and fragmentation allows considerably simplifying the interpretation of the corresponding experimental data.
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