Sunday, July 21, 2013

0510080 (B. S. Yuldashev et al.)

Spin Polarization Type Dependence of the Neutrino Mass and Nature    [PDF]

B. S. Yuldashev, R. S. Sharafiddinov
The interaction of longitudinal and transversal polarized neutrinos (antineutrinos) with the field of a nucleus is investigated at the account of their rest mass, charge, magnetic, anapole and electric dipole moments. The compound structure of cross sections in these processes has the sharply expressed features and generalities for any lepton as well as for a massive Majorana neutrino. A new influence of truly neutral neutrino masses on the elastic scattering by nuclei of an electric charge has been discovered which testifies in favor of the existence of fundamental differences both in the nature and in the masses of longitudinal and transversal neutrinos of Majorana.
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