Monday, July 15, 2013

1307.3453 (Stefan Floerchinger et al.)

Mode-by-mode fluid dynamics for relativistic heavy ion collisions    [PDF]

Stefan Floerchinger, Urs Achim Wiedemann
We propose to study the fluid dynamic propagation of fluctuations in relativistic heavy ion collisions differentially with respect to their azimuthal, radial and longitudinal wave lengths. To this end, we give a novel, complete parameterization of fluctuating intial conditions that characterizes also their radial wave length, and we formulate a fluid dynamic propagation of these fluctuations in terms of a background-fluctuation splitting. Whole event classes can then be treated by propagating only a finite set of basis fluctuations on top of an event-averaged background. As a first illustration, we show how fluctuations of different radial wave length build up the transverse momentum dependent harmonic flow coefficients in central collisions. Fluctuations of different wave length may have different dynamical origin, and they will be attenuated differently by the medium; studying their propagation mode-by-mode therefore complements existing efforts of understanding the initial state of heavy ion collisions and the thermodynamic and transport properties of dense QCD matter within a fluid dynamic description.
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