Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1307.7529 (Nobuhiro Maekawa et al.)

Nucleon decay via dimension 6 operators in anomalous U(1)_A SUSY GUT    [PDF]

Nobuhiro Maekawa, Yu Muramatsu
Nucleon lifetimes for various decay modes via dimension 6 operators are calculated in the anomalous U(1)_A GUT scenario, in which the unification scale \Lambda_u becomes smaller than the usual suersymmetric (SUSY) unification scale \Lambda_G=2\times 10^{16} GeV in general. Since the predicted lifetime \tau(p \rightarrow \pi^0 + e^c) becomes around the experimental lower bound though it is strongly dependent on the explicit models, the discovery of the nucleon decay in near future can be expected. We explain why the two ratios R_1 \equiv \Gamma_{n \rightarrow \pi^0 + \nu^c}/\Gamma_{p \rightarrow \pi^0 + e^c} and R_2 \equiv \Gamma_{p \rightarrow K^0 + \mu^c}/\Gamma_{p \rightarrow \pi^0 + e^c} are important in identifying grand unification group and we show that three anomalous U(1)_A SUSY GUT models with SU(5), SO(10) and E_6 grand unification group can be identified by measuring the two ratios. If R_1 is larger than 0.4, the grand unification group is not SU(5), and moreover if R_2 is larger than 0.3, the grand unification group is implied to be E_6.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.7529

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